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Carné guía oficial


Carnet enabled in Castilla-La Mancha in order to practice the profession of tour guide, both at regional and provincial levels.

Why hire an official tourist guide?

Everyone can visit a city, national park, monument or museum. But to understand everything, that contributes significantly local guide. This is a vocational profession eminently so hard and insecurity ... gure as beautiful and satisfying. A guide:

  • Suitable for agency
    - Assisting in designing the itinerary
    - Because, as a connoisseur of distances, pace of tourists, queues at certain places, etc. get to meet agreed schedules.
    - Because these sites adds value to justify their choice
    - Because Lima roughness and problems that may arise
    - Because the agency informed of any mishap before the tourists return to their origin

  • Suitable for tourists
    - Because it is a tourist informant advised what to do in free time after the visit
    - Because interprets the places visited so that tourists understand them and therefore enjoy
    - Because it has a preference for early entry into certain monuments

  • Suitable for companion guides
    - Because a lot of work has already accompanying guide to reach the city, driving to the meeting point with the local guide, making the check-in and check-out of the hotels, restaurants confirm, organize loshorarios, translate the driver, waiters, etc.. if the group is abroad, handle the money or bonds to pay museums, guides, etc., solve medical problems or accidents for tourists pay service providers, make relevant reports to the agency, solving any unexpected ... And all this most of the time on a new route that is probably unknown.
    - Because a good look up a group to follow your itinerary
    - Because it fits the time available for the group to meet its program

  • Suitable for driver
    - Because it prevents interfere with driving
    - Why take the bus directly to the most appropriate parking place
    - Because it takes care of the tourists can he then go quiet park, refuel, get some rest amid tight circuits sometimes in time, etc..
    - Because it adapts to the constraints of the transportation bill
    - Because he advised on roads and how to get to the next place

  • Suitable for monuments and museums
    - Because it has the responsibility to enforce the same rules
    - Why can promotes and tries to explain the itineraries include agencies
    - Because, if not included in itinerary, touted for tourists to visit them in their free time
    - Because it is able to adapt to other agglomerations avoiding simultaneous visits

  • Suitable for their land
    - Because sometimes, in the circuits and step groups, is the only person speaking tourists and falls on him the burden of promoting tourism to return
    - Because she is an expert in
    - Because, having lived, feels and can transmit their values and feelings of its inhabitants
    - Because it's always going to make it
    - Because if tourists are advised where to go to spend their money spend it better and more at ease

    The local guide is the first letter of visit, and sometimes the only, its territory, an official guide Choosing credited otherwise is professional intrusion Therefore, we must be especially careful in their choice

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