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Gate of Saint Mery.

Church of Our Lady of Peña.

Habitación de la Hora
Room of the hour.





The Association has worked with several agencies, whether public, organizational or cultural.

Escudo City of Guadalajara. From 2009 to 2012, have been responsible for guiding and teaching all the tourists who came on weekends and holidays the unknown corners of the capital and protocol visits.

MaratónMarathon Guadalajara tales. The last few years we have been working selflessly for the organization of the marathon Guadalajara tales, legends performing themed tours in the capital to all participants of this beautiful event held in mid-June, where the word takes streets. All thanks to the work done from the Provincial Public Library ofGuadalajara.

HitaHita Medieval Festival. In the town of Hita, has been held for more than 50 years, Hita medieval festival declared of National Tourist Interest. The association also conducted town hall themed visits, camouflaging with the other characters so that the tourists had the feeling of being in Middle Ages.

Museo provincialGuadalajara Provincial Museum. In cooperation and support with the provincial museum of Guadalajara, the most authentic cultural institution in the province, with over 170 years of history behind it, the association has conducted cultural conferences, hoping to do some more in the near future, in which you will be informed on Facebook and agenda section of our website.

Onda CeroOnda Cero. Since October of 2012, working on the morning show "Guadalajara in the Wave" directed by Cesar Rivera, where tourism section, where we have the most remote and beautiful parts of the province, encouraging everyone to discover.

Castilla-La Mancha IncomingCastilla-La Mancha Incoming. Company located in Guadalajara, with which, our association works since March 2013 guided by not only the capital, but throughout the province of Guadalajara to show and discover every corner of this land full of history, heritage and nature

Amigos del ModernoAssociation of Friends of Modern. Emerges from a spontaneous movement and civic citizen in summer 2012 against the closure, by the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha, this landmark cultural space is in the historic center of Guadalajara.

Banco de AlimentosFood Bank of Guadalajara. Nonprofit organization based on voluntary and aims to recover surplus food in our society and redistribute to those in need, preventing any waste or misuse

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